Getting to Know User Interface

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    With Veeam Agent for Mac, you can perform backup, restore and configuration tasks in the following ways:

    • With the Veeam Backup & Replication console, you can perform data protection and administration tasks. You can collect Veeam Agent computers in groups, configure backup policies, and monitor performance and status of any backup. To learn more, see the Veeam Agent Management Guide.
    • With the Veeam Agent control panel, you can perform basic data recovery tasks. You can import configurations and backup policies, start and stop backup policies, and recover files and folders.
    • With the command line interface, in addition to operations that can be performed with the Veeam Agent control panel, you can perform a set of advanced tasks. For example, you can:
    • Synchronize Veeam Agent with Veeam backup server.
    • Configure standalone backup jobs.
    • Perform operations with backup repositories.
    • Monitor performance and status of any backup, restore and other data transfer session that was started in Veeam Agent.
    • View detailed information on every backup that was created with Veeam Agent.
    • Export/import Veeam Agent configuration database to/from a configuration file.