Creating Repository in SMB Share

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    To create a repository in an SMB share, use the following command:

    veeamconfig repository create --name <repository_name> --type smb --location <path_to_repository>  
    --username <user_name> --password --domain <domain>


    • <repository_name> — name for the backup repository.
    • <path_to_repository> — path to the network shared folder where backup files will be stored in the //SERVER/FOLDER format.
    • <user_name> — account name that Veeam Agent will use to access the SMB network shared folder.
    • <domain> — domain in which the account that has access permissions on the shared folder is registered.

    Mind that if you specify --password parameter, Veeam Agent will prompt you to specify a password for the SMB network shared folder.


    Command with --username, --password, --domain parameters:

    user@wrk01:~$ veeamconfig repository create --name VeeamBackup --type smb --location //srv02/VeeamRepository --username Administrator --password --domain srv02

    Creating Repository in SMB Share TIP

    • If you mount a network shared folder to a folder in the Veeam Agent machine file system in advance, you can create the backup repository in the same way as in a local folder. For details, see Creating Repository in Local Folder.
    • macOS may save CIFS/SMB credentials in a cache. As a result, if credentials have been changed, Veeam Agent for Mac uses obsolete credentials and fails to connect to shared folders. To refresh cached credentials, reboot the Veeam Agent computer.