Selecting Product Edition

When you install a license, Veeam Agent automatically selects the product edition that is allowed by the license. If a license supports both the Workstation and Server editions, Veeam Agent will select the Workstation edition.

You can change the product edition manually if needed. To select the product edition:

  1. In the application menu, select Settings > Install License.
  2. In the Edition window, select the product edition you need.

Selecting Product Edition 

To learn more about editions of Veeam Agent for Mac, see Product Editions.


Selecting Product Edition NOTE

After you switch from the Server edition to the Workstation edition, or vice versa, Veeam Agent will disable the configured backup jobs. This operation is required because backup retention policies and available backup job options differ in Workstation and Server editions. To enable the job, you must edit the backup job settings in accordance with the selected edition.