Viewing List of Backup Repositories

To view backup repositories configured in Veeam Agent for Mac, use the following command:

veeamconfig repository list

Veeam Agent will display a list of backup repositories.

You can view the following information about backup repositories:




Name of the backup repository.


ID of the backup repository.


Location of the backup repository. Depending on the repository type, this column can contain one of the following:

  • Path to the local or network shared folder.
  • Name of the Veeam backup server that manages the repository.
  • Details of the cloud storage location of the repository.


Type of the backup repository. Possible values:

  • local — local directory of the protected computer.
  • SMB — network shared folder.
  • backup server — Veeam backup repository.
  • cloud — Veeam Cloud Connect repository.
  • object storage — object storage repository (Amazon S3, S3 Compatible, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure Blob).


Availability of the backup repository. Possible values:

  • true
  • false

Backup server

Backup server on which Veeam backup repository added to Veeam Agent is configured.

For example:

$ veeamconfig repository list
Name         ID                                      Location              Type   Accessible   Backup server
BackupVol01  {818e3a0f-8155-4a51-9430-248a203a43d1}  /home/backups         local  true
BackupVol02  {2155a2e7-a1e9-4347-9d8b-cf8f3a6f3fcb}  /home/backups2        local  true

BackupVol03  {dd593314-9511-4153-8326-9e0470f7ffc5}  //server/VeeamBackups SMB    true