Accepting License Agreements

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    To work with Veeam Agent for Mac, you must accept terms of the product license agreement and license agreements for third-party components operating as part of the product. Until you accept license agreements, you can use the veeamconfig utility to run the following commands only:

    • veeamconfig agreement show
    • veeamconfig help (or veeamconfig -h and veeamconfig --help)
    • veeamconfig mode info
    • veeamconfig mode reset
    • veeamconfig version (or veeamconfig -v and veeamconfig --version)

    To accept license agreements, use the following command:

    veeamconfig agreement accepteula && veeamconfig agreement acceptthirdpartylicenses


    Accepting License Agreements TIP

    To check whether license agreements are accepted, use the following command: veeamconfig agreement show.