Data Backup

It is recommended that you regularly back up data stored on your Mac computer. Backup creates a safety copy of your data. If any kind of disaster strikes, you can restore your data from the backup and be sure that you will not lose the necessary information.

You can configure Veeam Agent to perform automatic scheduled backups (triggered at specific time of the day), or you can choose to back up data manually when needed.

You can back up all user profiles data or individual folders and files.

If Veeam Agent operates in the Workstation or Server edition, you can set up Veeam Agent to create multiple backups — with individual backup scope, upon individual schedule or in different locations. To learn more about editions, see Product Editions.

Backups created with Veeam Agent can be saved to the following locations:

  • Removable storage device
  • Local computer drive
  • SMB (CIFS) network shared folder
  • Backup repository managed by a Veeam backup server
  • Veeam Cloud Connect repository
  • Object storage repository

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