Starting and Stopping Backup Jobs

You can start a backup job manually at any time you need, for example, if you want to create an additional restore point for Veeam Agent backup and do not want to change the job schedule.

You can also start a backup job to create an ad-hoc full backup — active full backup, and add it to the backup chain on the target storage. The active full backup resets the backup chain. All subsequent incremental backups use the active full backup as a starting point. The previously used full backup will remain on the target storage until it is removed from the backup chain according to the retention policy.

You can stop a running backup job before the job session completes — for example, if the backup process is about to take long, and you do not want the job to produce workload on the production environment during business hours. When you stop a backup job, the job session will finish immediately. Veeam Agent will not produce a new restore point during the session, and the session will finish with the Failed status.

You can start and stop backup jobs in one of the following ways: