Restoring Files and Folders

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    To restore individual files and folders:

    1. Start the Veeam Agent control panel with Launchpad. Veeam Agent will immediately display the File Level Restore wizard.
    2. Select the backup in the left pane. Then select the restore point from which you want to recover data in the right pane.
    3. Click Open Backup.
    4. In the Finder window, select file or folder that you want to restore and do one of the following operations:
    • Restore data to the original location and overwrite the original object.
    • Restore data to the original location, but keep the original object too.

    In this case, Veeam Agent adds the Restored_ or Restored_%timestamp%_ prefix to the name of the restored version of the object. As a result, if you restore a hidden file, this file becomes visible.

    • Copy data to a new location.

    Restoring Files and Folders