Viewing List of Backup Jobs

To view a list of backup jobs configured in Veeam Agent, use the following command:

veeamconfig job list

In the list of backup jobs, Veeam Agent displays the following information:




Name of the backup job.


ID of the backup job.


Name of the backup repository that is specified as a backup storage for the backup job.

For example:

user@wrk01:~$ veeamconfig job list
Name                 ID                                      Repository  
SystemBackup         {2495911e-58db-4452-b4d1-f53dcfbc600e}  Repository_1
DocumentsBackup      {bcf821e6-b35f-4d57-b1c3-d3a477605cb9}  Repository_1
HomePartitionBackup  {2aaa8c71-2434-4f12-a168-3d8e225fa416}  Repository_2


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