Starting Backup Job

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    You can start a backup job manually at any time you need, for example, if you want to create an additional restore point for Veeam Agent backup and do not want to change the policy schedule. You can also stop the running backup job before the policy session completes, if necessary.

    You can start a backup job with the Veeam Agent control panel.

    To start a backup job:

    1. Start Veeam Agent with Launchpad.
    2. In the upper-right corner of the menu bar, click the Veeam Agent icon.
    3. Select Start Backup Job.

    If two or more backup jobs are configured, select Jobs > Start Backup Job "<Name>", where <Name> is a backup job name.

    Veeam Agent will immediately start the backup job.

    Starting Backup Job NOTE

    Consider the following:

    • The Start Backup Job option is available only if at least one backup job is configured.
    • Veeam Agent can perform only one backup job at a time. If you start a backup job when another backup job is already running, the job that you have started will fail.

    Alternatively, you can start the backup job with the command line interface.