Viewing Session Logs

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    You can monitor the backup and restore process by viewing the backup job session and restore session logs in the Veeam Agent command line interface.

    To view Veeam Agent session log, use the following command:

    veeamconfig session log --id <session_id>


    <session_id> — ID of the backup job or restore session.

    For example:

    user@wrk001 ~ % veeamconfig session log --id ff19ce06-7c54-4b07-96b6-15014992c00c

    2021-02-26 12:19:52 UTC [info] Job Daily Backup started at 2021-02-26 12:19:52 UTC

    2021-02-26 12:19:56 UTC [info] Preparing to backup

    2021-02-26 12:20:16 UTC [info] Waiting for backup infrastructure resources availability

    2021-02-26 12:20:18 UTC [info] Creating volume snapshot

    2021-02-26 12:20:53 UTC [info] Starting full backup to [] Default Backup Repository

    2021-02-26 12:20:57 UTC [info] Backing up files /Users/commonuser, /Users/administrator

    2021-02-26 12:21:23 UTC [info] Backing up summary.xml

    2021-02-26 12:21:42 UTC [info] Releasing snapshot

    2021-02-26 12:21:45 UTC [info] Processing finished at 2021-02-26 12:21:45 UTC