Viewing Backups

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    To view a list of backups created by a backup job configured in Veeam Agent for Mac, use the following command:

    veeamconfig backup list

    In the list of backups, Veeam Agent for Mac displays the following information:



    Job name

    Name of the backup job by which the backup was created.

    Backup ID

    ID of the backup.


    Name of the backup repository in which the backup was created.

    Imported backups are marked as Imported in the Repository column. For information about the import procedure, see Importing Backups.

    Created at

    Date and time of the backup creation.

    For example:

    user@wrk01:~$ veeamconfig backup list
    Job name            Backup ID                               Repository    Created at      
    wrk01 SystemBackup  {45f074d2-d2d9-423d-84e9-8f1798b08d4c}  Repository_1  2016-11-11 17:37
    wrk01 DocsBackup    {ea64a7e5-038a-4c86-970a-6d59d4cf3968}  Repository_1  2016-11-11 18:30
    wrk01 HomeBackup    {4f75bb20-a6b6-4323-9287-1c6c8ceccb6b}  Repository_2  2016-11-15 11:28