Upgrading Veeam Agent

If a newer version is available, you can upgrade Veeam Agent without uninstallation of the previous version. During the upgrade process, configuration and backup files that were created with the previous version of Veeam Agent are not impacted in any way.

Upgrading Veeam Agent IMPORTANT

Before starting the upgrade process, make sure that there are no backup jobs running on the Veeam Agent computer.

To upgrade Veeam Agent for Mac with the Installation wizard:

  1. Save the installation package for the newer version of Veeam Agent to the Mac computer where you plan to upgrade the product.
  2. Double-click the package.
  3. Click OK to accept an upgrade of Veeam Agent that is currently installed on the Mac computer.
  4. Follow the installation instructions.

During the installation process, you must do the following:

  1. Accept the Veeam End User License Agreement.
  2. Accept the 3rd Party Components License Agreements.

Keep in mind that during the upgrade process, Veeam Agent will prompt you to enter the Administrator password.