Viewing Health Check Schedule

To view the health check schedule defined for a backup job, use the following command:

veeamconfig healthcheck show --jobid <job_id>


veeamconfig healthcheck show --jobname <job_name>}


  • <job_id> — ID of the backup job for which you want to configure health check schedule. You should look up the backup job ID before you run the command to view the schedule — for example, with the veeamconfig job list command. To learn more, see Viewing List of Backup Jobs.
  • <job_name> — name of the backup job for which you want to configure the health check schedule.

Viewing Health Check Schedule TIP

If the name of the job consists of several words and contains spaces, use quote marks around the name — for example, --jobName "Files Backup".

Veeam Agent for Mac displays the following information about the health check schedule:



Every <value>

Days on which the backup job runs the health check. For example: Every Mon or Every 1 day of every month.

Run health-check automatically

State of the backup health check schedule. Possible values:

  • Enabled
  • Disabled

For example:

user@wrk01:~$ veeamconfig healthcheck show --jobname SystemBackup
Every Mon
Run health-check automatically: enabled (light)