Converting Backup Copy to Backup

If you have imported Veeam Plug-in backup copies from another server, you can convert them into regular backup files. When you convert a backup copy to a backup, Veeam Plug-in creates a backup job with the converted backup. You can use this backup job to continue a backup chain and use the converted backup as a restore point.

You can convert and unbind Veeam Plug-in backups into regular Veeam Plug-in backup files in the following cases:

  • If you have deleted a backup copy job which created the backup copy.
  • If you have excluded a backup job from a backup copy job that used multiple backup jobs as a source.
  • If you imported a Veeam Plug-in backup copy from another host.


If you want to restore from a backup copy, you don't need to convert the backup copy to backup. For details, see Restore from Backup Copy.

Converting Backup Copy to Backup for SAP HANA

To convert a backup copy to a primary backup, use the --promote-backup-copy-to-primary parameter as shown below:

SapBackintConfigTool --promote-backup-copy-to-primary

Backup copies available for promotion to primary backup:

1. Backup Copy Job 1\saprhel01-localdomain SAP backint backup (Default Backup Repository)

Select backup: 1

Promotion of backup copy to a primary backup will reconfigure the plug-in to use a different repository. Continue? (y/N): y



[For backups of scale-out clusters and servers with the customServerName option] To avoid failure of conversion of backup copies, the cluster name must be the same as the name used in the backup copy.