Specifying the Version of Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server

Starting from Veeam Backup & Replication 12.1.2, Veeam Plug-in requires Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server version 17 or 18. By default, Veeam Plug-in uses driver version 17. In some cases, the default driver version may not be available or may fail to work correctly. You can use the ODBCversion parameter in the veeam_config.xml file to set a driver version more suitable for your environment.

To learn more about the driver, see this Microsoft article.

To set a specific driver version, do the following:

  1. On the Microsoft SQL Server machine, locate the Veeam configuration XML file in the %PROGRAMFILES%\Veeam\Plugins\Microsoft SQL\ folder.
  1. Add the following parameter to the <PluginParameters /> line in the Veeam configuration XML file:

<PluginParameters ODBCversion="<version_number>" />

For example:

<PluginParameters ODBCversion="18" />

The following example shows the use of several parameters in a single <PluginParameters /> line.

<PluginParameters ODBCversion="18" customServerName="srv01.tech.local" useFQDNInServerName="true" />

Keep in mind that you must add all plug-in parameters to the existing line in the veeam_config.xml file. If you create a new line with the same name as the existing line, Veeam Plug-in will consider parameters only in the first detected line. Other parameters will be ignored.

Page updated 5/10/2024

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