SAP Environment Planning

Keep in mind the following requirements and limitations for your SAP environment, before you deploy Veeam Plug-in for SAP HANA.


You can schedule backup operations with all SAP HANA relevant scheduling options like SAP HANA Cockpit (HANA Cockpit 2.0 SPS 06 or later version), SAP DB13 (NW 7.02 SP17 or later version) or external schedulers like cron, UC4, TWS and others.  Veeam Plug-in forwards the backups created by SAP HANA integrated backup application to a Veeam backup repository.

To learn how to configure external schedulers, see the Veeam Plug-in for SAP HANA Best Practices.

SAP HANA encryption

Veeam Plug-in supports SAP HANA integrated encryption. The encryption processes are performed on the SAP HANA side. Veeam Plug-in is not involved in encryption processing.

Plan the protection of the encryption environment. In case you loose the encryption keys, Veeam Plug-in can only provide an access to the encrypted backup file. To regain full access to the backup files, you will have to decrypt data in your SAP HANA environment. For more information on SAP HANA data encryption, see this SAP article.

SAP HANA Catalog Backup with Backint

To back up the SAP HANA catalog using Backint, change the settings of the catalog_backup_using_backint parameter in the backup section of the global.ini file. To learn more, see this SAP article.

SAP HANA Scale-Out Cluster

Consider the following limitations of Veeam Plug-in support for SAP HANA scale-out clusters:

SAP HANA System Replication Failover

SAP HANA does not allow you to back up from replicas. You can back up these databases only after a failover. To prepare the replication target system for backups after the failover, you can configure Veeam Plug-in as usual for a new scale-up or scale-out system. The Veeam backup job object will be created at first backup run and reflect the hostname of each system.


You must perform full database backup at least once after each failover or failback, so that SAP HANA starts to create automatic log backups.

After the failover, if you want to restore backups created before the failover, you must configure the plug-in to be able to access the backup files from the original source system:

  1. Go to /opt/veeam/VeeamPluginforSAPHANA and run the Veeam Plug-in configuration tool with the following parameter.

VM2ADM:/opt/veeam/VeeamPluginforSAPHANA> SapBackintConfigTool --set-backup-for-restore

  1. Perform restore.
  2. Optional: If you want to restore from the new backup chain created from the system replication server, you must run the command again and select the system replication server as a source for restore.