Redo Logs Backup

If you want to back up redo log files of Oracle databases, you can use the BRARCHIVE tool. When Veeam Plug-in for SAP on Oracle is configured, the plug-in transfers the redo logs to a backup repository connected to Veeam Backup & Replication.


For redo log backup operations, it is recommended to set 4 or less parallel channels. For details on configuring parallel channels, see Configuring Parallelism.

Example: Performing Backup of Archived Redo Logs

To back up redo log files, run the following command.

brarchive -p $Oracle_HOME/dbs/ -save -d util_file -u <user>/<password>

  1. Specify the path to the initialization profile file ($Oracle_HOME/dbs/ as the argument for the -p (-profile) parameter.
  2. Specify the archive function. The -save function used in this example archives offline redo log files to a repository.
  3. Specify util_file as the argument for the -d (-device) parameter. This option defines that a file-by-file backup will be performed using Veeam Plug-in.
  4. Specify credentials that will be used to connect to the database as the argument for the -u (-user) parameter. For details, see this SAP article.

Page updated 9/6/2023

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