Performing Restore

You can restore Microsoft SQL Server databases from backups created with Veeam Plug-in. Veeam Plug-in supports restore of entire databases to the original Microsoft SQL Server machine or to another server.

You can restore a database to the same or different Microsoft SQL Server instance. If you have backup of Microsoft SQL Server transaction logs, you can specify a point in time to which you want to restore the database. Otherwise, Veeam Plug-in will restore the database to the time when the restore point was created.


It is recommended to create a full backup immediately after you restore a database. All subsequent log or differential backups of the restored database will be based on this full backup. This action helps prevent potential data loss.

Before you perform database restore, consider the following:

  • The backup job that created the backup must be present in Veeam Backup & Replication.
  • To restore to another server under another user account, the account must have the Restore operator or Backup administrator role on the Veeam backup server.
  • To restore to another server, you must perform the restore operation on the target server, where you want to place the new database backup.


To restore Microsoft SQL Server databases, you can use the Restore Database wizard or the MSSQLRecoveryManager.exe command-line tool.

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