Configuring Firewall Settings

To configure firewall rules for a SQL Server, do the following:

  1. Log in to the Microsoft Azure portal.
  2. Click More services and select Resource groups on the All services page.
  3. On the Resource groups page, select the resource group to which the necessary SQL Server belongs. The resource group page will open.
  4. In the Resource list, locate and click the SQL Server that you want to protect. The SQL server page will open.


If you plan to back up SQL databases using a staging server, you must select the SQL Server that will be used as a staging one. To learn how to use staging servers, see Performing Backup.

  1. Navigate to Security > Firewalls and virtual networks.
  2. On the Firewalls and virtual networks tab, click Add existing virtual network.
  3. In the Create/Update virtual network rule window, create a new firewall rule:
  1. In the Name field specify a name for the rule.
  2. From the Subscription drop-down list, select an Azure subscription to which the Azure VM hosting Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure belongs.
  1. From the Virtual networks drop-down list, select check boxes next to virtual networks to which worker instances are connected.
  1. From the Subnets drop-down list, select check boxes next to subnets to which worker instances are connected.


To allow access from virtual networks to SQL Servers, Microsoft Azure uses service endpoints. If any of the selected networks do not have service endpoints enabled for Microsoft.Sql, Microsoft Azure will raise a warning. In this case, click Enable and wait for the process to complete. For more information on service endpoints, see Microsoft Docs.