Step 5. Specify Disk Settings

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    [This step applies only if you chose to perform a restore to a new location or with different settings at the Restore Mode step of the wizard.]

    At the Disks step of the wizard, change disk properties of the selected Azure VM.

    1. Select the necessary virtual disk from the list and click Edit.
    1. In the Disk Properties window, do the following:
    1. In the Disk name field, enter a name that you want to use for restored virtual disks.
    1. From the Resource group drop-down list, select a resource group where the restored virtual disks must belong.

    For a resource group to be displayed in the Resource group list, it must be created as described in Microsoft Docs.

    1. From the Disk type drop-down list, select a type of virtual disks that you plan to restore. For more information on disk types, see Microsoft Docs.

    You cannot convert managed virtual disks into unmanaged, but you can convert unmanaged virtual disks into managed.

    1. [Applies only for the unmanaged disk type] From the Storage account drop-down list, select an Azure storage account to which you want to restore the selected virtual disk.

    For a storage account to be displayed in the Storage account list, it must be created in the Microsoft Azure portal as described in Microsoft Docs.

    1. [Applies only for the managed disk type] From the Availability Zone drop-down list, select an Availability Zone to which you want to place the disk.
    2. Click Apply.


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