Virtual Network Configuration Data

To view and manage backed-up virtual network configuration data, navigate to Protected Data > Virtual Network. The Virtual Network tab displays information on all saved virtual network configuration items, and allows you to export the items and to remove configuration restore points if you no longer need them.

For each protected Azure subscription associated with the Azure tenant, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure creates a configuration record in the database. To view all existing configuration records, navigate to Protected Data > Virtual Network.

Each configuration record is described with a set of properties:

  • Tenant — a name of an Azure AD tenant whose service account was used to collect the virtual network configuration data.
  • Subscription — an Azure subscription whose virtual network configuration data is backed up.
  • Region — an Azure region where the virtual network configuration data resides.
  • Latest Backup — the date and time of the latest created restore point.
  • Latest Changes — the summary of changes in the virtual network configuration in comparison with the previous restore point.
  • Restore Points — a number of restore points created for the virtual network configuration.


In the Configuration Details section, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure displays the backed-up virtual network configuration details for the selected configuration record.

You can compare and remove backed-up Azure virtual network configuration data.

Managing VNet Configuration Data

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