Step 3a. Select Azure Account

In the Account section of the Sources step of the wizard, specify an Azure account whose permissions will be used to access Azure services and resources, and to create cloud-native snapshots of Azure file shares.

  1. Click Configure account.
  2. In the Choose an Azure account from the available list window, select the necessary Azure account from the available accounts list. The specified Azure account must belong to a tenant that manages the Azure VMs that you want to protect, and must be assigned permissions listed in section Azure Account Permissions.

For an Azure account to be displayed in the list of available accounts, it must be added to Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure as described in section Adding Azure Service Accounts. If you have not added the necessary Azure account to Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure beforehand, you can do it without closing the Add Azure Files Policy wizard. To add an Azure account, click Add and complete the Add Azure account wizard..

  1. Click Apply.

Adding Backup Policy