Uninstalling Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure

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    Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure creates a number of resources while operating in Microsoft Azure. To uninstall the solution, you must delete the created resources:

    1. Sign in to the Microsoft Azure portal using credentials of the Microsoft Azure account that you used to install Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure.
    2. Navigate to Resource groups.
    3. Open the resource group where the backup appliance resides.
    4. On the Overview page, locate the Azure VM running Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure and all resources associated with the Azure VM. To do this, in the search field, enter the name of the backup appliance.
    5. Select check boxes next to the Virtual machine, Network interface, Public IP address and Disk resource types, and click Delete.
    6. In the Delete Resources window, confirm the action and click Delete.

    Note that backed-up data will not be removed automatically. You can keep this data in your Microsoft Azure environment and import image-level backups of Azure VMs and backups of Azure SQL databases to a new backup appliance as described in section Adding Backup Repositories. If you no longer need the backed-up data, you can remove it manually:

    • To remove backups, navigate to a storage account, select the necessary files, and click Delete.
    • To remove snapshots, navigate to the resource group, select the necessary snapshots, and click Delete.


    If the resource group contains more than one backup appliance, it is re Managing Backed-Up Data commended that you remove snapshots and backups from Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure as described in section  before you uninstall the solution.