Staging SQL Server

To perform Microsoft SharePoint items recovery, Veeam Explorer requires a Microsoft SQL server to be used as a staging system.

The server you are going to use as a staging system must conform to the following:

  • A staging system must have the same or later version of Microsoft SQL Server that hosts restored Microsoft SharePoint databases.
  • Microsoft SQL Server that is included in Microsoft SQL Server Failover Cluster cannot be used as a staging system.
  • Nodes participating in AlwaysOn Availability Groups are supported. However, using Availability Group Listeners as staging servers is not recommended.

Staging SQL Server Note

You can use Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2016 Express editions which are shipped with the Veeam Backup & Replication distribution package. Consider that due to Express edition limitations, the maximum database size that can be attached is 10 GB. For more information, see this Microsoft article.

Remote BLOB Stores Support

A BLOB store must either be included in the SharePoint backup created by Veeam Backup & Replication or Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows (for automated discovery) or stored on a local machine running Veeam Explorer (for manual discovery).

Staging SQL Server Important

RBS FILESTREAM is the only provider that is supported in the current version.

Make sure the staging SQL Server configuration meets the following requirements:

  • RBS Client Library is installed on the database server.

For Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and later, the Remote Blob Store setup is included in the installation media. For other versions, you can use the corresponding Microsoft SQL Server Remote Blob Store installation package. For more information on how to install the package, see this Microsoft article.