The following table lists the required permissions for user accounts to restore SAP HANA data.


Required Roles and Permissions

Veeam Explorer for SAP HANA launch

The account used to run Veeam Explorer for SAP HANA must meet the following requirements:

  • The account must be a member of the local Administrators or Users group.
  • The account must have the Veeam Backup Administrator or Veeam Restore Operator role on the backup server.


The account used for SAP HANA data recovery must be a Linux user with operating system user (<sid>adm) privileges on the target machine. Operating system user privileges are required to execute restore operations and to handle database processes. For more information about operating system user privileges, see the SAP HANA documentation.

The database user on the target SAP HANA system must have the SYSTEM, RECOVERY OPERATOR or DATABASE ADMIN privilege.