Required Permissions

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    The following table lists required permissions for user accounts to back up and restore Oracle data.


    Required Roles and Permissions


    For more information, see the Required Permissions section of the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide.

    Restore / Accessing Staging Server

    To restore data, make sure to configure user accounts as follows:

    • When restoring to a Windows-based VM, the account must be a member of the Local Administrator group. In addition, if ASM is used, then such an account must be a member of the ORA_ASMADMIN group (for Oracle 12 and higher).
    • When restoring to a Linux-based VM, the account must be a Linux user and have membership in the following groups: OSASM [if ASM is used] (typically asmadmin), OSDBA (typically dba), Oracle Inventory group (typically oinstall).