Unpublishing Databases

Once you are finished working with published databases, you may want to unpublish (detach) these databases from the target Oracle server.

Detachment occurs in the following manner:

  • Upon closing the Veeam Explorer for Oracle console, all published databases will be detached from the target Oracle server automatically. Mount points will be also dismounted from under the C:\VeeamFLR directory for Windows-based servers and the /tmp directory for Linux-based servers.
  • On manual unpublishing, databases will be detached at once but the restore point will remain mounted on the target server for the next 15 minutes.

To unpublish a database manually, do the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, under the Published databases node, select a published database.
  2. On the Publish tab, select Unpublish Database.

Alternatively, in the navigation pane, right-click a published database and select Unpublish.

To detach more than one published database simultaneously, right-click the root Published databases node and select Unpublish databases or select the root Published databases node and click Unpublish Databases on the Publish tab.

Unpublishing Databases

Page updated 1/23/2024

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