Data Restore

This section contains information about the available restore operations in Veeam Explorer for Oracle.

Before restoring data, read the Considerations and Limitations section.


To restore your Oracle data, make sure to install a bash shell on the target Oracle server.

In case of latest state or point-in-time state restore to the original server, the behavior is as follows:

  • Data Guard will be restored starting from the primary node. Once the primary node is restored, Veeam Explorer for Oracle will use it to restore standby nodes.
  • Database files will be copied to the original location and then mounted to the original Oracle home.
  • Databases from the backed-up ASM group will be restored back to the original ASM group.
  • All existing databases on the target Oracle server will be replaced with databases from the backup files.

Note that restore from storage snapshots to the original Oracle server is not supported. To restore your Oracle data from storage snapshots, use the Restore to another server command.

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