Required Backup Job Settings

When you create a backup job, make sure to enable the application-aware image processing option, as described in the Specify Guest Processing Settings section of the Veeam Backup & Replication user guide.

If your backups were created without application-aware image processing, you can still explore them, as described in Exploring non-Application Enabled Backups.

The application-specific information is retrieved according to the following:

  • If the application-aware image processing option is enabled, Veeam Explorer for Oracle obtains application-specific Oracle database information from the Oracle VM backup metadata located in the backup server configuration database.
  • If the application-aware image processing option is disabled, Veeam Explorer for Oracle requires a staging Oracle server to mount a selected image-level Oracle VM backup (with databases and redo logs) and collect required information using the guest scan and Oracle infrastructure analysis.



Make sure to have your database in the OPEN state during backup. Otherwise, the following warning message will appear in the backup job session: Oracle database instance state is not valid for property collection. Whether the backup job completes or fails depends on the selected backup job settings. For more information, see the Application-Aware Processing section of the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide.