Data Publishing

Publishing a PostgreSQL instance allows you to temporarily attach the instance to the target PostgreSQL server without launching restore. Publishing typically occurs faster than using standard restore features and could be convenient when, for example, your time to perform disaster-recovery operations is limited.

After you have launched a publishing operation to a PostgreSQL server, you can quickly republish the latest or point-in-time state of the PostgreSQL instance to the same server.

During publishing, Veeam Explorer for PostgreSQL takes the following actions:

  1. Mounts VM disks from the backup file to the /tmp directory on the target PostgreSQL machine.
  2. Retrieves required instance files.
  3. Attaches the associated instance directly to the target PostgreSQL server so that you can perform required operations using PostgreSQL tools.

The publishing session is resilient to network disruption, backup server or mount server crash. All changes in database files that occur after publishing are saved in the publishing write cache, which is stored on the target server. If anything disrupts the publishing process (the target or mount server crashes, or the network is down), you can launch the retry manually after the server or network is up.

Before publishing an instance, read the Considerations and Limitations section.

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