How Restore Works

Restoring Oracle databases with Veeam Explorer for Oracle works in the following manner:

  1. Veeam Explorer for Oracle connects to the target server and performs a series of validations. For example, it checks if the target server has enough free space for the restored database.

Some aspects of the validation process vary depending on the operating system of the Oracle machine.

  • For Windows machines, Veeam Explorer for Oracle deploys the Veeam Oracle Restore Service on the target server and, if you restore your data up to a specific transaction, on the staging server. This non-persistent runtime component checks the valid rights assignments required for database recovery, gets information about the databases, and later performs required file operations including database and transaction logs copy. The Veeam Oracle Restore Service is removed from the target and the staging server once the restore process is completed.
  • For Linux machines, Veeam Explorer for Oracle performs the necessary validations without deploying a non-persistent runtime component. In addition, starting from Veeam Backup & Replication 12.1, Veeam Explorer for Oracle validates the SSH fingerprints of the target server.
  1. Veeam Explorer for Oracle sends a restore command to the Veeam Mount Service running on the mount server associated with the backup repository. The service connects to the backup repository and prepares the mounting operation.
  2. The Veeam Mount Service mounts the necessary file system to the target Oracle machine. Mounting is done to the C:\VeeamFLR directory for Windows machines or the /tmp directory for Linux machines. For more information, see How Mounting Works.
  3. The Veeam Oracle Restore Service (for Windows machines) or Veeam Explorer for Oracle itself (for Linux machines) copies the database files and archived redo logs from the mounted file system to the native file system of the target machine and starts the restored database.

After the restore operation successfully completes, Veeam Explorer for Oracle unmounts the mounted file system from the target server.

How Restore Works

Page updated 6/11/2024

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