Exporting Individual Posts

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    To export a specific post of a channel, do the following:

    1. In the navigation pane, expand a channel whose post you want to export and click Posts.
    2. In the preview pane, select a necessary post, click Export Posts on the ribbon and select how you want to export the post:
    • Export to Desktop. Select this option if you want to perform the 1-Click Export operation. Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Teams will immediately export the post to the Desktop folder.
    • Export to. Select this option if you want to export the post to a custom location.

    Alternatively, in the preview pane, right-click a necessary post and select Export to Desktop or Export to.

    Exporting Individual Posts Tip

    To select more than one post in the preview pane, press and hold the [CTRL] key and select the necessary posts.

    Exporting Posts

    1. If you selected the Export to option at the step 2, in the Export wizard, do the following:
    1. In the Save as field, click Browse and browse to a directory where you want to save an HTML file with exported posts. By default, Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Teams exports posts to a file with the following name: <Channel_name>_<date_and_time>.html. For example: General_2020_08_31_04_47_34.html.
    2. Select the Open file after export check box if you want to open the resulting HTML file right after the export operation is completed.
    3. Click Export.

    Specify Export Options

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