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Understanding Veeam SQL Restore Service

Veeam SQL Restore Service runtime component is used to support restore activities on a SQL server VM guest operating system.

This service is running during the restore session. It checks the valid rights assignments, required for database restore, gets information about databases that should be restored, performs the necessary file operations (including database and transaction logs copy). After the recovery session is ended, the service is stopped and removed from the guest operating system.

  • The Veeam SQL Restore Service requires Local System account.
  • All service activities are logged to the Veeam.SQL.Service_<timestamp>.log file stored in the Temp folder, which is located in the system directory. If you have enabled extended logging as described in the Change logging level – Veeam Backup & Replication knowledge base article, this log data will be stored in the Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL log.
  • Communication between Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server and the service is performed via the RPC protocol. The default TCP port range that should be opened on the guest operating system to handle the inbound traffic is 1025 - 1034.

You can change the default port range according to the following steps:

  1. Open (or create) Config.xml file that is located in the C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup\SQLExplorer\ directory.
  2. Locate (or create) the <SQLExplorer> tag:



  <Agent MinimumPort="1025" MaximumPort="1034"/>



  1. Set the Agent MinimumPort and MaximumPort values.

Understanding Veeam SQL Restore Service Note:

When restoring to the local SQL server instance, Veeam SQL Restore Service component is not installed on the SQL server guest operating system.

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