How Veeam SQL Restore Service Works

The Veeam SQL Restore Service runtime component is used to support restore activities on a VM guest operating system during the restore session. It checks the valid rights assignments required for database restore, gets information about the databases, and performs required file operations including database and transaction logs copy.

After the recovery session is ended, the service is stopped and removed from the guest operating system.

All service activities are logged to the Veeam.SQL.Service_<timestamp>.log file stored in the Temp folder which is located in the system directory.

The Veeam SQL Restore Service component requires the Local System account.

Inbound and outbound traffic management between Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server and the Veeam SQL Restore Service component is performed over the RPC protocol. For more information, see Ports.


When restoring to the local server instance, the Veeam SQL Restore Service component is not installed on the Microsoft SQL Server machine.