Considerations and Limitations

This section lists considerations and known limitations of Veeam Explorer for PostgreSQL.

  • With Veeam Explorer for PostgreSQL, you can restore and publish entire PostgreSQL instances; restore and publishing of individual databases is not supported.
  • Veeam Explorer for PostgreSQL does not support restore over VIX API or vSphere Automation API.
  • High availability cluster configurations and replication setups of PostgreSQL servers are not supported.
  • Restore of databases that reside in an encrypted file system on the source machine is not supported. In particular, encrypted LVM volumes are not supported.
  • You can restore a PostgreSQL instance over SSH only, restore using Linux Management Agent is not supported.
  • If you specify another data directory for the restored PostgreSQL instance, services will not be created automatically (including systemd).
  • Mount of Btrfs disks will fail if you perform data restore or data publish to the original server. The issue occurs due to restriction for mounting 2 Btrfs disks with identical IDs to the same machine.
  • Before you restore a PostgreSQL instance to another server, make sure PostgreSQL is installed on the target machine.
  • Veeam Explorer for PostgreSQL does not support configuration sub-files (include files such as include_if_exist, include_dir and so on). All PostgreSQL configurations, instance ports in particular, must be specified in a single postgresql.conf file.
  • PostgreSQL on the target machine must be of the same major version as PostgreSQL on the original machine. For example, you can restore a PostgreSQL instance based on PostgreSQL 14.1 to a machine with PostgreSQL 14.3.
  • The account that you use to connect to the target server must have root privileges to mount the backed-up file system to the target server and to communicate with PostgreSQL.
  • To restore or publish a specific point-in-time state of a PostgreSQL instance, backups of PostgreSQL WAL archive logs must exist. To enable PostgreSQL WAL log archiving, PostgreSQL instances must have the replica WAL logging level or higher. The minimal logging level does not write information about database transactions and it allows you to create a crash-consistent backup only.
  • [For Debian] When you restore a PostgreSQL instance to a new data directory, Veeam Explorer for PostgreSQL saves PostgreSQL configuration files to the specified data directory (not to the /etc/postgresql directory). In this case, you will not be able to discover the recovered PostgreSQL instance with the pg_lsclusters utility.