Performing Backup

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    With Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure, you can protect Azure VM data in the following ways:

    • Create cloud-native snapshots of Azure VMs

    A cloud-native snapshot includes point-in-time snapshots of virtual disks attached to the processed Azure VM. Snapshots of virtual disks are taken using native Microsoft Azure capabilities.

    • Create image-level backups of Azure VMs

    In addition to cloud-native snapshots, you can protect your Azure VMs with image-level backups. An image-level backup captures the whole image of the processed Azure VM (including OS data, application data and so on) at a specific point in time. The backup is saved as a blob to a storage account in the native Veeam format.

    To schedule data protection tasks to run automatically, create backup policies. For each protected Azure VM, you can also take a cloud-native snapshot manually when needed.