About Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager

Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager (Enterprise Manager) is a management and reporting component that allows you to manage multiple Veeam Backup & Replication installations from a single web console. Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager helps you optimize performance in remote office/branch office (ROBO) and large-scale deployments and maintain a view of your entire virtual environment.

The distributed architecture of Veeam Backup & Replication allows you to create a custom backup infrastructure that meets your company needs. Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager manages backup and replication according to your administrative, business and security requirements and restrictions. With a number of Veeam Backup & Replication instances installed on different servers, Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager acts as a single management point. It allows you to control license distribution, manage backup jobs across the backup infrastructure, analyze operation statistics of Veeam backup servers, perform restore operations, and so on.

In particular, with Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager you can:

  • Manage jobs across multiple Veeam backup servers.
  • View on-going reporting data for all jobs running on these servers, set up email notifications to get information on the status of all jobs.
  • Search for machines, file shares, object storage systems, and guest files in backups and replicas.
  • Perform recovery operations for VMs and physical machines, including 1-Click restore, 1-click guest OS file restore and application items restore (for Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, Microsoft SQL Server databases and Oracle databases); perform 1-Click restore for unstructured data backups.
  • Centrally manage and update licenses to ensure compliance.
  • Delegate permissions for restore operations to personnel in charge.
  • Manage VMware Cloud Director organizations and support their administrators with the Veeam Self-Service Backup Portal.
  • Manage vSphere user accounts and support them with the vSphere Self-Service Backup Portal.
  • Install vSphere Client plug-in on vCenter Servers.
  • Implement data encryption and decryption processes for the Veeam solutions.
  • Provide operation automation with Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager REST API.