Enabling Application-Aware Processing

To enable application-aware processing, at the Guest Processing step of the wizard, set the Enable application-aware snapshots toggle to On.

Limitations and Requirements for Application-Aware Processing

If you plan to instruct Veeam Backup for AWS to create transactionally consistent backups using application-aware processing, in addition to the limitations and requirements for guest processing, consider the following:

  • Application-aware processing is available only for EC2 instances running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.
  • EC2 instances for which you plan to enable application-aware processing must have VSS components installed. To learn how to download and install VSS components, see AWS Documentation.
  • An IAM role with permissions required to take VSS-enabled snapshots must be created beforehand and attached to the processed EC2 instances. To learn how to create IAM roles for VSS-enabled snapshots, see AWS Documentation.

Creating EC2 Backup Policy