Step 3.1 Specify IAM Role

In the IAM role section of the Sources step of the wizard, specify an IAM role whose permissions will be used to access AWS services and resources, and to create backups of Amazon EFS file systems. The specified IAM role must belong to an AWS account in which the file systems that you want to protect reside, and must be assigned permissions listed in section EFS Backup IAM Role Permissions.

For an IAM role to be displayed in the IAM role list, it must be added to Veeam Backup for AWS as described in section Adding IAM Roles. If you have not added the necessary IAM role to Veeam Backup for AWS beforehand, you can do it without closing the Add Policy wizard. To add an IAM role, click Add and complete the Add IAM Role wizard.


It is recommended that you check whether the selected IAM role has all the required permissions to perform the operation. If the IAM role permissions are insufficient, the backup policy will fail to complete successfully. To run the IAM role permission check, click Check Permissions and follow the instructions provided in section Checking IAM Role Permissions.

Creating EFS Backup Policy

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