Backup Server

The backup server is a Linux-based EC2 instance where Veeam Backup for AWS is installed. The backup server performs the following administrative activities:

  • Manages backup infrastructure components
  • Controls snapshot creation, backup and recovery of EC2 instances
  • Maintains backup policy scheduling

Backup Server Components

The backup server uses the following components:

  • Backup service — coordinates data protection and disaster recovery operations.
  • Configuration database — stores data about the backup infrastructure, backup policies, sessions and so on.
  • Web UI — provides a web interface that allows user access to the Veeam Backup for AWS functionality.
  • Updater service — allows to check, view and install product and package updates.
  • REST API service — allows to perform operations with Veeam Backup for AWS entities using HTTPS requests and standard HTTP methods. For details, see the Veeam Backup for AWS REST API Reference.

To access AWS services and resources, the backup server uses AWS API.

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