Step 7. Specify Encryption Settings

At the Encryption step of the wizard, specify whether restored EBS volumes must be encrypted with AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) customer master keys (CMKs).

  • If you do not want to encrypt EBS volumes or keep existing EBS volume encryption, select the Use original encryption scheme option.
  • To encrypt EBS volumes or change the CMK for encrypted EBS volumes, select the Volumes will be restored as encrypted volumes option, and then select the necessary CMK from the Encryption key list.

Note that you can encrypt volumes only with the following CMKs:

  • CMKs that are stored in the AWS region that you specified at the Region step of the wizard.
  • CMKs on which the IAM role or IAM user whose access keys you specified at the Account step of the wizard have permissions.

Step 7. Specify Encryption Settings 

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