Adding AWS Regions Manually

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    To add an AWS Region to the VPC Backup policy, or to choose another IAM role for collecting VPC configuration data, do the following:

    1. In the Additional regions section, click Add.
    2. In the Configure account settings window, from the IAM role drop-down list, select an IAM role whose permissions Veeam Backup for AWS must use to perform Amazon VPC configuration backup. In the Account field, the ID of the AWS account in which the IAM role was created will be displayed.
    3. In the Regions section, select the necessary AWS Regions from the Available Regions list on the left, and then click Add.
    1. To save changes made to the backup policy settings, click Apply.
    2. To check whether IAM role specified for the selected AWS Regions has all the required permissions to perform Amazon VPC configuration backup, in the Additional regions section, click Check Permissions.

    You can add, edit or remove additional AWS Regions from the VPC Backup policy.

    Editing VPC Configuration Backup Policy