Step 3.4 Select EBS Volumes

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    In the Volumes section of the Sources step of the wizard, you can exclude from processing EBS volumes attached to the selected EC2 instances:

    1. Set the Exclude volumes toggle to On.
    2. In the Choose volumes to exclude window, choose whether you want to exclude system volumes of the selected EC2 instances from processing.
    3. To exclude specific EBS volumes, specify the EBS volumes explicitly:
    1. Use the Resource type list to choose whether you want to exclude individual EBS volumes or AWS tags from the backup scope.

    If you select the Tag option, Veeam Backup for AWS will exclude from processing only those EBS volumes that reside in the selected regions under specific AWS tags.

    1. Use the search field to the right of the Resource type list to find the necessary resource, and then click Exclude to exclude the resource from the backup scope.

    Alternatively, you can click Browse to select specific sources from the global list, select check boxes next to the necessary EBS volumes or AWS tags in the list of available resources, and then click Exclude.


    It may take some time for Veeam Backup for AWS to access AWS resources and to populate the list of available EBS volumes or AWS tags. To speed up the data collection process, click Rescan.

    If you exclude an AWS tag from the backup scope, Veeam Backup for AWS will regularly check for new EBS volumes assigned the excluded AWS tag and automatically update the backup policy settings to exclude these volumes from the scope.

    1. To save changes made to the backup policy settings, click Apply.

    Step 3.3 Select EBS Volumes