Specifying Daily Schedule

To create a daily schedule for the backup policy, at the Schedule step of the wizard, do the following:

  1. Set the Daily schedule toggle to On and click Edit Daily Settings.
  2. In the Create daily schedule window, select hours when the backup policy must create cloud-native snapshots and snapshot replicas.

If you want to protect RDS resources data more frequently, you can instruct the backup policy to create multiple cloud-native snapshots per hour. To do that, click the link to the right of the Snapshots hour selection area, and specify the number of cloud-native snapshots that the backup policy must create within an hour.


Veeam Backup for AWS does not create snapshot replicas independently from cloud-native snapshots. That is why when you select hours to create snapshot replicas, the same hours are automatically selected for cloud-native snapshots. To learn how Veeam Backup for AWS performs backup, see RDS Backup.

  1. Use the Run at drop-down list to choose whether you want the backup policy to run everyday, on work days (Monday through Friday) or on specific days.
  2. In the Daily retention section, for cloud-native snapshots and snapshot replicas, specify the number of restore points that you want to keep in cloud-native snapshot and snapshot replica chains.

If the restore point limit is exceeded, Veeam Backup for AWS removes the earliest restore point from the chain. For more information, see EC2 and RDS Snapshot Retention.

  1. To save changes made to the backup policy settings, click Apply.

Creating RDS Backup Policy