Managing Backed-Up EC2 Instance Data

For each backed-up EC2 instance, Veeam Backup for AWS creates a record in the configuration database with the following set of properties:

  • Instance — a name of an EC2 instance.
  • Policy — a name of the backup policy that processed the EC2 instance.
  • Restore Points — a number of restore points created for the EC2 instance.
  • Latest Restore Point — the date and time of the latest restore point that was created for the EC2 instance.
  • Instance Size — a size of all EBS volumes attached to the EC2 instance.
  • Region — an AWS Region in which the EC2 instance resides.
  • File-level Recovery URL — a link to the FLR for Veeam Backup browser.

The link appears when the restore session is started for the file-level restore process. The link contains a public DNS name of the worker instance hosting the FLR for Veeam Backup browser and authentication information used to access this worker instance.

  • Operating System — an operating system running on the EC2 instance.


Managing Backed-Up EC2 Instance Data 

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