Managing S3 Repositories

Veeam Backup for AWS uses Amazon S3 buckets as target locations for EC2 instance image-level backups and additional copies of Amazon VPC backups. To add an Amazon S3 bucket to Veeam Backup for AWS, configure an S3 repository. For more details, see Adding S3 Repositories.

To communicate with an S3 repository, Veeam Backup for AWS uses the Veeam Data Mover — the component on a worker instance that is responsible for data processing and transfer. When a backup policy addresses the S3 repository, the Veeam Data Mover establishes a connection with the S3 repository enabling data transfer. To let the Veeam Data Mover access the target Amazon S3 bucket, Veeam Backup for AWS uses permissions of an IAM role specified in S3 repository settings.

Managing S3 Repositories 

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