Step 2. Create Virtual Private Target Gateway

To establish a VPN connection between the VPC of the backup appliance and your on-premises network, create a virtual private target gateway on the AWS side and attach the gateway to the VPC:

  1. In the VPC console, navigate to Virtual Private Network > Virtual Private Gateways and click Create Virtual Private Gateway.
  2. Complete the Create virtual private gateway wizard:
  1. At the Details step, do the following:
  1. [Optional] In the Name tag field, specify a name for the virtual private target gateway.
  2. In the Autonomous System Number (ASN) section, choose whether you want to keep the default ASN or specify a custom one. This ASN must not match the BGP ASN that you have specified for the customer gateway at step 1.

For custom ASNs, the following limitations apply. For a 16-bit ASN, its value must be between 64512 and 65534; for a 32-bit ASN, its value must be between 4200000000 and 4294967294.

Note that after you create the VPN connection, you will not be able to change the ASN for it.

  1. Click Create virtual private gateway.
  1. To attach the created virtual private gateway to the VPC, select the gateway in the Virtual private gateways list and click Actions > Attach to VPC.
  2. Complete the Attach to VPC wizard:
  1. At the Details step, select the VPC from the list of available VPCs.
  2. Click Attach to VPC.