Editing Policy Settings

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    You can edit backup policies created in Veeam Backup for AWS. For example, you may want to add some resources to a backup policy, change a backup policy description and so on.


    You can add a resource to a backup policy from the Resources tab. To do this, navigate to Resources, switch to the necessary tab, select the resource you want to protect, and click Add to Policy. In the Add to Policy window, choose the backup policy that must protect the selected resource, click Add, review the configured settings and click OK. For a backup policy to be displayed in the list of available policies, an AWS Region where the selected resource resides must be specified in the policy settings, and the IAM role used by Veeam Backup for AWS for this backup policy must have permissions to access the selected resource.

    To edit backup policy settings:

    1. Navigate to Policies.
    2. Switch to the necessary tab and select the check box next to the backup policy whose settings you want to edit.
    1. Click Edit. The Edit Policy wizard will open.
    1. Edit backup policy settings as described in Creating EC2 Backup Policies, Creating RDS Backup Policies or Creating EFS Backup Policies.

    Editing Policy Settings