Step 2.2 Specify Items to Restore

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    To add files and folders that you want to recover to the restore list:

    1. In the Restore list section of the Restore List step of the wizard, click Edit.
    2. In the Edit restore list window, specify a path to the necessary file or folder and click Add.

    The specified path must be related to the mount point of the file system. For example, if the file system is mounted to /user/mydocs/efs and the file path is /user/mydocs/efs/file1, specify /file1.

    Paths are case sensitive and cannot contain wild cards and regex strings. The following characters are not supported: ? * : " < > ` .


    You can restore a maximum of five items within one file-level recovery session.

    1. Review the restore list and click Apply.

    Step 2.2 Specify Items to Restore