Step 3. Choose Restore Mode

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    At the Restore Mode step of the wizard, set the Additional restore mode toggle to On if you want to restore files and folders to the source EC2 instance. Before you enable the additional restore mode, ensure that the IAM role attached to the source EC2 instance has all the required permissions to perform restore to the original location.

    To restore files and folders to the source EC2 instance, Veeam Backup for AWS uses Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. For more information on Kinesis Data Streams, see AWS Documentation. Kinesis Data Streams are charged on a per-shard basis. By default, Veeam Backup for AWS specifies for the Kinesis Data Stream 1 shard with data transfer rate equal to 1 MB per second. You can change the number of shards to be used in the stream using the Restore rate slider.


    If you perform file-level restore to the original location for the selected EC2 instance frequently, you can select the Keep the restore tool at the target instance check box. In this case, Veeam Backup for AWS will not remove the Veeam restore tool from the EC2 instance, which will reduce the time of future recovery operations.

    Step 3. Choose Restore Mode